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    Meltzer & Meltzer CPA is widely regarded as one of the premier small accounting firms in the region.  Servicing mostly small businesses, we provide all the accounting, tax and planning needs that every small business owner deals with in the course of a year.

    Our firm has two very important policies.  The first policy is Privacy and Security of information for all our clients.  The security of information can never be taken too seriously.  As the economy starts to change to a more digital environment security is becoming ever more increasing concern for all individuals and businesses.  We insure security by having appropriate safeguards and proceedures on all documents and information.

    The second most important mission our firm has is to meet the tax obligation and reporting requirements mandated by law.  No business or individual enjoys receiving letters from the IRS or other tax collection agency.  In todays business environment there are many complex regulatory requirements that all business owners must comply with or risk being penalized and loose their right to conduct business.  Our goal is to satisfy all these requirements utilitzing all the options available to all taxpaying citizens.

    At Meltzer & Meltzer CPA, all clients are treated equally and attentively.  No job is left undone.  No report is left unsigned.  No tax return is left on extension.

    As you navigate through this webiste you will find out more about our partners and what services our firm offers.  On the left of this page are links to notices that may be usefully to your business that we become aware of through seminars and technical publications.

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